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XLIV 2020 - 2

DARON BURROWS, ‘La Vie de un vallet amerous’ (Digby 86): a Dramatic Monologue on the Practice and Pitfalls of Seduction in Medieval Britain - by Richard, Author of the ‘Besturné’? [241-280]

Surviving in a single copy in Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Digby 86, the poem La Vie de un vallet amerous has garnered itself a reputation for its singular obscenity, but it is arguably of greater interest in Anglo-Norman literary history for being a comic dramatic monologue composed in a distinctive verse form. The present article offers a new critical edition of the text and reflects on its relationship to the rest of the manuscript, with particular attention to its affinities to La Besturné, an Anglo-Norman nonsense poem conventionally attributed to a certain Richard.

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