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XLIV 2020 - 1

MARIA SOFIA LANNUTTI, Combining Romance Philology and Musicology through a New Interdisciplinary Approach: the ERC Advanced Grant Project ArsNova [145-171]

The aim of the ERC Advanced Grant project ArsNova is to study for the first time the corpus of fourteenth- and early fifteenth-century poetry set to music by Ars Nova polyphonists, who were mostly churchmen or monks working at the service of high prelates, lords and rulers. This repertoire gathers different poetic and musical traditions, as shown by the multilingual anthologies copied during the last years of the Schism. On this basis, the project will develop three research lines in response to the following questions: 1) What is the nature of the relationship between poetry and music, and what are the features of the dialogue between the various poetic and musical traditions? 2) To what extent does Ars Nova poetry take part in the ‘soft power’ strategies exercised by the European political class of the time? 3) Is there a connection between the multilingualism of the manuscript tradition and the perception of Ars Nova as a European, intercultural repertoire?

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